Per Jansson is a portrait and commercial photographer living in Taipei and Amsterdam.

"There is nothing more interesting and fun than portraying people. Get a little time with them in front of the camera, chat with them or be silent with them, searching for that little extra to fall in place and take a picture." - Per Jansson, Colombo, May 2005

Spending a lot of his early childhood, as from 3 and a half years old, on his grandparents' farm on the Swedish countryside has played a big role in his outlook on life. Life on the farm meant everything from caring for animals, running from pesky geese chasing him all over the place, hand plucking potatoes and harvesting hay.

This period of his life brought him a lot of time on his own and made him independent. He also thinks it has contributed to his taste to go and immerse in other cultures learning something new. The little boy and his naivety have always stayed with him and help him in finding the true soul of the people in front of his camera. 

After living in several places in Europe, with the final base in Amsterdam, he got the opportunity to travel across Sri Lanka in the midst of the cease-fire in 2004, portraying young people who had grown up in war time and he got the taste for Asia. In recent years he has been immersing and working mostly in Taiwan.  



Taipei Film Commission, Taiwan
Key-Stone Communications, Taiwan
Yang Kuei-Mei, actress, Taiwan
Ding Ning, actress, Taiwan
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, Taiwan
Cucina del Sole, Netherlands
Holmen AB, Sweden
Iggesund Paperboard Europe, Netherlands
Berget Lewis, singer/song writer, Netherlands
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, Netherlands
Expressen, Sweden
Lärartidningen, Sweden
Benjamins Publishing Company, Netherlands
Adformatie, Netherlands

2016 ARTWEST WEEKEND, ARTWest, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
Yesteryear, WG Café, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Solo)
The Light of Taiwan, Wistaria Teahouse, Taipei, Taiwan (Group)
Taipei, WG Café, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Solo)
2015 Jean-Luc Littiere, part of Open Studio at atelierWG, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
Under the Same Sky, LILI Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (Group)
2006 Tea pluckers, part of atelierWG Manifestation Terra Incognita, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
2005 Young Faces of Sri Lanka - A Rich Flora of Asphalt Flowers, Lionel Wendt Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Solo)
Timestamps, Bellamy by Night, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Solo)
2004 Young Faces of Sri Lanka - A Rich Flora of Asphalt Flowers, Zenith Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, (Solo)
2002 Timestamps, part of atelierWG Manifestation Emergo, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
1998 Bodyscapes, Main Library, The Hague, Netherlands (Group)
Bodyscapes, part of Open Studio at atelierWG, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
Cityscapes, KADS Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Solo)
1996 The Hand and the Fruit, part of atelierWG Manifestation WG associative, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)