handfruit_1_0Understanding your business and its future place on the Internet is essential for our work. Below are the steps that will lead us to understanding and finally a specified project:

  • We meet and talk through your business and what a web product could do for you.
    After the first meeting you will, on the agreed date, receive
    – a mindmap of your project. The mindmap will give you a very good overview of the project and most of the time the mindmap is a source for further elaboration.
    – a proposal or a rough estimate depending on if we need further discussion or not. We hand you a proposal on the given deadline.
  • We discuss your project and our proposal/rough estimate back and forth as much as is needed until we reach a final project and proposal. The proposal will contain a price and a turnaround time for realizing the project.
  • You accept the proposal and we ask for a 50% down payment to start the project.
  • After the 50% down payment we provide a project time line with the deliverables specified.
  • When we start working you will have access to the web product as it proceeds.
  • We deliver!
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