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20071120-trip_to_sweden-34You may think that Open Source solutions don’t have the functionality you are looking for when you take a first glance. And, how can you trust they will continue to provide the application? These assumptions can become, timewise, very costly conclusions.

At le Pelle we have for many years followed demand and our own applications, and this road has definitely not been unsuccesful. We have standardized our processes and application design to be able to reuse work in several projects, but the fact remains: We do all the work ourselves, reinventing the wheel on our own. ALL the writing of the code remains our job. By joining an open source community there will be thousands of people working on the whole of the project. We use only a fraction of that, and this is the nice part, we only have to write a fraction of the application if it needs something extra. When we do, we give it back to the other thousands who will be welcome to use it. This is the beauty of open source, and we really like it. Now we can focus on convincing our customers to add features and functionality to their websites, instead of convincing them about a higher price tag because we have to do too many extra’s. We can also be more proactive in creating demand for our business.

In short, we can focus on delivering better business tools.

We have spent a year looking into what open source to specialize in and our choices have fallen on Drupal for websites with or without integrated Internet shops, and Magento for dedicated Internet shops, scalable for heavy duty, or heavy duty right from the start.


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  1. chaux cedric September 20, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    Open source is a great choice

    You have chosen some great opensource tools, clean and well build code , with amazing community.

    All the best carrying on this path. I believe opensource can serve business needs well , providing adaptable , scalable , safe and innovative solutions that would last and evolve on the long term.

    Contributing and working the opensource way help to improve the skills and expertise on the long term , learning from others.

    I am sure your clients will understand these benefit too.

    • Per Jansson September 20, 2011 at 9:56 am #

      Totally agree! – Open source definitely will free up a lot of better used creativity and resources.
      Thank you for your comment.

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