We offer multilingual localization of software, documentation and web sites. To accomplish this we make use of our dedicated network of professionals for project management, engineering, language (translation) and quality assurance. In our team we are used to demanding customers like Siemens. We use state-of-the-art technology to automate and maximize quality as much as is […]

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Internet Shops

Using the Open Source package Magento we will build you a modern Internet Shop with all the features you would expect from a contemporary and advanced Internet Shop. Such features includes, but are not limited to: Any design you like Flexible catalogs – the catalog is where you categorize and present your products – and […]

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About the Founder

le Pelle is run and coordinated by its founder, Per Jansson. Born and raised in Sweden, I received my MSc from the Uppsala University in Sweden and my MBA from RSM Erasmus University in the Netherlands. I have lived and studied in several European countries, Sweden, Netherlands, France and Italy and I speak Swedish, English, […]

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About le Pelle Design

In short le Pelle will build you a web site that work for your business will build you an Internet Shop readily expandable to meet your growth will localize your Web Site, Internet Shop, your software and/or documentation, i.e. translating into many languages See workflow for an overview of our approach to your task. What we will do is to help […]

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