About the Founder

founder-per-janssonle Pelle is run and coordinated by its founder, Per Jansson. Born and raised in Sweden, I received my MSc from the Uppsala University in Sweden and my MBA from RSM Erasmus University in the Netherlands. I have lived and studied in several European countries, Sweden, Netherlands, France and Italy and I speak Swedish, English, Dutch, French, Italian and not so little Mandarin by now. I am based in the Netherlands which has been my home for over 20 years, but since 2010 I am living most of the time in Taipei, Taiwan.

Before starting le Pelle, I worked in the European Patent Office in the Hague as a Patent Search Examiner. Although this did stimulate my interest in languages and technological innovation, and gave me a solid experience of working in a multicultural environment in different languages with cutting edge technology, it did not satisfy my own need for creativity and innovation.

le Pelle is a result of my enthusiasm for technology, design, photography, foreign languages and a genuine interest in working with and learning from people from different cultures.

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